We are thrilled to announce that we have a new psychiatrist joining our team, Dr. Elena Tuskenis!

Dr. Tuskenis is a board certified psychiatrist who has worked with a wide variety of patients, in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her training and practice have carried her to the mountains of Utah, the urban landscapes of New York City and Chicago, and the banks of the Wolf River in rural Wisconsin.

From Dr. Tuskenis:

I grew up on Chicago’s Southwest Side in a family of immigrants. My Lithuanian parents fled the Soviet regime in Eastern Europe during World War II, hoping to provide a better life for me and my two brothers. Mental illness and treatment in my neighborhood community were typically hidden from view. Very few spoke of the trauma they endured during the war and thereafter.

I was in medical school when my older brother died by suicide. His death in 2005 came just two years after my mother’s passing from cancer. Engulfed in grief, I questioned whether I would stay on the path of specializing in psychiatry. What I’ve learned since then has deeply affected my personal healing journey, as well as my psychiatric practice.

As your psychiatrist with Free Range, I will challenge you to abandon the assertion that mental health symptoms imply that we are “broken” and inevitably require an external “fix”. Through a holistic approach, we’ll investigate the cause and meaning behind mental health symptoms by considering health conditions, diet and lifestyle practices, external exposures, stressors, and other relevant personal history. We’ll create an environment primed for healing with an individualized treatment plan based on nutrition, movement, meditation/spirituality, empathic connection, trauma resolution, and personal purpose. We’ll judiciously streamline, minimize, and when indicated and agreed upon, taper and discontinue psychotropic medications.

Healing is an inside job based on commitment and readiness for change. I’d be honored to witness your reclamation of your innate healing ability.

Please join me in giving Dr. Tuskenis a big, Free Range welcome! Dr. Tuskenis will be seeing patients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, and other states on a case by case basis. You can watch a welcome video from Dr. Tuskenis here and you can book a free 15-minute phone consult with her here.