Meet Our Team

Dr. Kendra Campbell, MD
Dr. Kendra Campbell, MDPsychiatrist and Founder
Dr. Kimberly Sanders, MD
Dr. Kimberly Sanders, MDPsychiatrist
Eddy Nelson Rivera
Eddy Nelson RiveraProgram Coordinator
Dani Dunayczan
Dani DunayczanIntern

About Dr. Campbell

Dr. Kendra Campbell, MD – Psychiatrist and Founder

Dr. Kendra Campbell, MDI am a psychiatrist who thinks “outside of the medical box” and “colors outside of the lines.” I have worked in a variety of clinical settings including inpatient, outpatient, emergency rooms, forensics/jails, consultative services, and house calls. I completed most of my medical training in New York City, including my psychiatric residency at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn and Public and Emergency Psychiatry fellowships at Columbia University in Manhattan. I worked for almost three years at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP/Psychiatric Emergency Room) as an attending psychiatrist and Assistant Director. I am board certified, although I do not believe that is what necessarily makes me an effective psychiatrist. I worked for years inside the world of “academic psychiatry” and for the “health insurance based” system. Unfortunately, this work ultimately led me to a life of burnout, fatigue, and despair. I have extensive training in the psychopharmacological (medication-based) treatment of mental illnesses. However, after years of utilizing medication-focused treatments to help individuals with mental health issues, I ultimately came to the conclusion that this approach misses the boat. Prescribing medications to someone who is in a miserable job or to someone who has vitamin deficiencies and unhealthy psychological issues or behavioral/lifestyle patterns only leads to lifelong disability and more and more medications. By approaching mental health issues as symptoms of other underlying causes, I am able to effectively treat them without medications (or only minimal medications) and empower my patients to learn healthier ways to cope with their struggles in life.

In addition to being a psychiatrist, I am a mother, a run-dancer, an amateur photographer, a blogger/writer (have written thousands of articles, including many for Medscape/WebMD), a life enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a free-spirit, and a life/health coach. I utilize an approach to patient care that is functional, integrative/holistic, trauma-informed, individualized, creative, and in many ways non-traditional. My goal for the assessment and treatment of my patients is not to prescribe medications forever, but is rather to be a health partner/collaborator/guide to optimize overall medical, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I am currently living my dream and I believe that every human being deserves to live their dreams and fully realize their potential in life.

Check out this post to learn more about my personal journey from illness to wellness.

About Dr. Sanders

Dr. Kimberly Sanders, MD – Psychiatrist

Dr. Kimberly Sanders, MDA little about me professionally:

I am a board certified psychiatrist practicing in the Charlottesville, Virginia area. I completed residency at Loyola University Medical Center in Illinois after receiving my doctorate from Ross University. I have had the pleasure of working in diverse settings, caring for patients in the psychiatric emergency room, as well as outpatient clinics. I have cared for patients with a range of diagnoses including depression, anxiety and schizophrenia and have significant experience in treating trauma related disorders. I maintain a focus on holistic approaches to mental health and have a special interest in working with women and people of color.

During my education, I became intrigued by the human mind, and although the focus is often its propensity to break down, I was amazed at its ability to heal. I look for ways to educate patients and empower them to hopefully stir some of the same excitement and hope that I developed while learning about the human mind. As a psychiatrist, I enjoy spending time educating many of my patients on the “brain basics” and exploring the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and actions. My experiences have intensified my commitment to embracing a “whole person” approach to obtaining optimal mental health.

And on a personal note:

I am, at once, a mom, partner, friend, daughter and psychiatrist. When I look at my children, I not only envision the things I want specifically for them, but also what type of world I would like to leave them. I envision them in a world where preventive care is the norm and not the exception, where mind-body wellness is accepted and integrated into allopathic models, and where disease management becomes less of a percentage of how we spend our healthcare dollars. I would like to see them and their friends and colleagues thriving as opposed to merely surviving.

About Eddy Rivera

Eddy Nelson Rivera – Program Coordinator

Eddy Nelson RiveraI’m originally from the South Bronx in New York City. I’ve always had a passion for theatre and design and I co-created a theatre ensemble, where I designed, produced and acted in theatrical performances across Manhattan. After my stint in theatre, I decided to study political science and media with the idea of learning more about ways to positively affect my community and the world at large. While working for a production company after college, I began to teach myself HTML and CSS. These skills blossomed into the pursuit of web development, which allows me to hone my creative skills and passion for bringing voices to the world via web-based media. I worked as a web developer at a large advertising agency in New York City for 8 years. In 2017, I made the decision to move to Luray, Virginia with my pregnant wife (Dr. Kendra Campbell). After working for a local business development company for a year, I transitioned into working as a Program Coordinator for Free Range Psychiatry. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Free Range Psychiatry family and support its mission by bringing holistic psychiatry to the world.

About Dani Dunayczan

Dani Dunayczan – Intern

Dani DunayczanI am a recent graduate from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in behavioral neuroscience and a minor in psychology currently living in Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve always been passionate about the connections between the human mind and body, and have been able to exercise this curiosity in various realms from helping to coordinate academic conferences to teaching horse-back riding lessons and selling public safety equipment. Over the last year, I’ve gotten to explore this more concretely through working with Robertson Brain Health and their research-based program aiming to give people the tools to understand and affect their own brain chemistry.

I am a thinker and a perpetual optimist – always seeking to understand myself and others while aiming to savor the present moment. I believe that life is beautiful and that it is always worth choosing discomfort in pursuit of growth. I am a yogi, a writer, a hiker, and seeker of connection in all forms. Even though I only have a couple of decades of life under my belt, I’ve done quite a bit of work on my own mental and spiritual well-being through these practices. My dream has long been to help people improve their lives through engaging with themselves as a whole person. For this reason, I am so excited to be joining the Free Range Psychiatry team and to learn from the brilliant souls at work on this mission.