You read that right folks – I’m starting a podcast! This has been a dream of mine ever since high school – I used to spend hours in the car driving to various places and would always have a podcast on. I listened to all the big ones – This American Life, Radiolab, and the whole lot of NPR podcasts. The way the hosts brought these stories to life while making them relatable was so intriguing. I think there’s always been a part of me that wondered if I could do it, too.

In the present day, I’ve found myself in this incredible position with Free Range Psychiatry. I support our practice in many ways, but sometimes I wonder where my own voice fits. I’m not a psychiatrist and I’m not licensed to see patients in any way, but I can ask questions. I have an array of life experiences under my belt, a passion for the mission of Free Range, and a curiosity that never dies. These, it seems, are just the ingredients you need to start sharing stories.

I’ve named this podcast “Psychiatria”. Psychiatria is the Latin root word of psychiatry and it means “soul healer”. I don’t know if I’ll ever say that without feeling the power of those words. It’s no secret that we Free Rangers believe that mainstream medicine has gotten pretty far away from what healing professionals are actually trying to do. So much of psychiatry has been boiled down to short “medication management” visits that do very little to actually understand and treat a person’s suffering. This is certainly not why people become psychiatrists, and it sure as heck isn’t why people seek psychiatric help. I hope to shed some light on this. 

There is so much more out there to learn about. There are so many healing modalities and practices that actually work towards true soul healing. That’s really what this podcast is about – getting at the roots of true soul healing. What are these modalities? How do they work? Most importantly, how do they fit into the bigger picture? I’ll talk with our psychiatrists here at Free Range, professionals from other fields, and holistically minded folks alike. This isn’t an “interview the expert” kind of show. Here, everyone is human and everyone has experience worth sharing.

This podcast will give listeners personal narratives and open minded perspectives on these different modalities. Nothing is off limits and everything is open to discussion. Psychiatria is honest, authentic, and genuine. At the very least, I’ll get to have some fun conversations with rad people. If I’m lucky, these stories will resonate with folks out there in the multiverse and maybe even change some lives. Cheers to getting back to our roots.

Keep your ears open for new episodes every other week. You can find us on Instagram (@PsychiatriaPodcast) and follow us on all the major podcatchers. If there are any topics you’re particularly curious about or questions you want to hear us talk about, that would make us super duper happy. You can send them to I’m so excited to be embarking on this journey, and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.


Take a listen to our short intro episode below!

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