The Roots of Yoga


“New Age spirituality is often a potpourri of different belief systems sapped of historical and cultural significance.” - Kim Tran In an age of mass Western commercialization of sacred Eastern practices, it is more important than ever to truly understand and appreciate the roots of yoga. In doing so, we recall that yoga is a [...]

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Heal Your Hormones


Our endocrine system is involved in every aspect of our mind and body. When your hormones are out of balance, you can experience symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and problems with attention, focus and memory. Heal your glands and you heal your life!   At Free Range Psychiatry, we specialize in helping people heal [...]

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Dani’s Musings: Mind the Bubble


Especially after a year of “6 foot rules,” we’re all familiar with what a personal bubble, or “peripersonal space” is. It’s that intangible area that surrounds your body and differentiates you from everything else. It is what allows you to know when something, or someone, is too close, and helps you maintain an appropriate amount [...]

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Three Ways to Save Your Life


There is little disagreement that we are currently living in some of the most stressful and challenging times in history. With the world seemingly falling apart due to violence, political discord, planetary destruction and a worldwide pandemic, it's easy to fall into hopelessness and despair. You may have noticed that you have been experiencing worsening [...]

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Ayurveda and Your Mental Health


Ayurveda, or the “science of life,” has been around for thousands of years and is arguably the oldest science of well-being. It predates nearly every other system of medicine we’re familiar with and its wisdom is still widely utilized today. It is recognized as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in most western nations and [...]

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This Psychiatrist is Now a Yoga Teacher!


I am THRILLED to announce that I have graduated from my 200 Yoga Teacher Training program that I started back in May. I took the training offered by the Yoga Farm Ithaca yoga school and I can not say ENOUGH things about how life changing this experience has been. All of the teachers were incredibly [...]

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What Do Chakras Have to Do with Mental Health?


Chakras - they’ve become quite the thing. There are so many good articles out there that outline the basics of what you need to know about your chakras (like this one at mindbodygreen), so I won’t bore you (or myself) with synthesizing that information here. Essentially, there are seven main chakras along the spine that [...]

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Kundalini is Your Mother


"Kundalini is your Mother. She has been with you for ages and She has been waiting for this day when you could get your Realization." — Nirmala Srivastava I have been absent from this blog for too long. It is not because things have not been happening in my life, but rather because they have. [...]

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