Don’t Ask Your Doctor


"Within you is the light of a thousand suns. Within you is unimaginable beauty." - Robert Adams Most of us are quite familiar with the phrase, "ask your doctor _________." We are told by the media and society to ask our doctor if our sadness is actually depression and we need to be prescribed Trintellix or [...]

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What Do You Smell?


"Remind yourself, you will have a final exhale, and you don't know when." -Daniela Hess, YogaFarm I was given the instruction to think about this quote every day for a week as part of my Spiritual Warrior training program. At first, I thought it was such a sad and morbid thing to think about. However, [...]

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Are You Weird?


Do you ever feel like a total freak? Do you harbor a secret fear that if you were to show your true self, you would be rejected by the world? I've had this fear all of my life and I've never felt even close to being "normal." While I've always been pretty "out there" and [...]

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Doing Less, Being More


2020 stopped us in our tracks.  A micro-particle spread across the planet and changed our lives forever  and in many ways…slowed us down. Yesterday I found (and purchased) a Christmas ornament.  A nice, delicate ornament made with that creamy colored ceramic typical to all things homemade and hand done.  It had an imprint of a [...]

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Dance Naked Every Day


Tonight I had a naked dance party with my toddler and my infant. This is an almost nightly event in our home. Tonight we danced to some Macklemore songs, including "And We Danced." As I jumped around the room, I let everything go. I flung my body intensely and soaked in the moment. It was [...]

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Just Let Go


"The secret to happiness is letting go." -Buddha I had a wonderful epiphany on my run yesterday but haven't had the time to write about it as a blog post. So, please check out this short Vlog below to hear about what I discovered on my daily morning run! 

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The Coronavirus Silver Lining


“Every cloud has a silver lining.” - Source likely John Milton The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has cast one of the largest dark clouds our world has ever seen. As of this moment in time, the total number of Coronavirus cases worldwide is 2,199,560 and the death toll is 147,749. One cannot even begin to [...]

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