PSYCHIATRIA – Trauma & Mindfulness with Anya Nyson, LMSW, RYT


Trauma is an incredibly complex topic and a difficult thing to understand. In this episode of Psychiatria, Anya Nyson and I do our best to demystify, define, and describe the effects of trauma in ways that are accessible and relatable. Trauma is commonly, and narrowly, understood as impactful, negative experiences, like combat or assault, that [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Trauma & Mindfulness with Anya Nyson, LMSW, RYT2021-07-26T21:17:14+00:00

Want to Be a Mindful Mama?


Are you stuck in the cycle of becoming frustrated with your kids, yelling and then feeling like a terrible mother? There is good news! You can now join our new support group for people who are interested in living with presence and ease - MINDFUL MAMAS. You can learn to stay grounded, even during temper tantrums [...]

Want to Be a Mindful Mama?2021-07-07T15:18:07+00:00

PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Ruta Nene: Empathy, Identity & Practices


In the latest episode of Psychiatria, I chat with Free Range’s own Dr. Ruta Nene. We discuss practices that have evolved with her through life, and how they influenced her journey into psychiatry and eventually holistic psychiatry. She shares her experiences as an empathic child of Indian immigrants, early exposure to an integrative mindset, and [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Ruta Nene: Empathy, Identity & Practices2021-06-14T00:23:57+00:00

A Meeting with Fear


Does fear seem to dominate your life? In these times of COVID, many of us struggle with constant fear as we are bombarded by fear-based messages from the news and social media. What if the solution is not to run away from fear, but to face it, head on? Please enjoy this simple guided mediation [...]

A Meeting with Fear2021-05-04T09:06:06+00:00

What is Mindful Skincare?


What is mindful skincare? For me, it is creating a space where I give myself time to connect with my self, my skin and my senses and to give my skin some loving attention and nourishment. It is a daily ritual for me, like two bookends to the day. The morning routine helps invigorate and [...]

What is Mindful Skincare?2021-05-05T11:59:45+00:00

The Roots of Yoga


“New Age spirituality is often a potpourri of different belief systems sapped of historical and cultural significance.” - Kim Tran In an age of mass Western commercialization of sacred Eastern practices, it is more important than ever to truly understand and appreciate the roots of yoga. In doing so, we recall that yoga is a [...]

The Roots of Yoga2021-04-09T15:29:58+00:00

What is True Freedom?


"The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear." ― Aung San Suu Kyi Are you scared that if you show your true self, you won't be accepted? Would you love to experience true freedom, but don't know how? Watch the video below by Free Range Psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer [...]

What is True Freedom?2021-04-07T09:06:09+00:00
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