PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Jennifer Giordano: Truth, Anxiety, and Being Human


In this episode of Psychiatria, Dr. Jennifer Giordano and I get into her history and the experiences that led her to holistic psychiatry. We get curious about what it means to be human and how our struggles are often a part of that. I always cherish my conversations with Jen and inevitably find a contented, [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Dr. Jennifer Giordano: Truth, Anxiety, and Being Human2021-07-12T02:11:40+00:00

Don’t Hold Your Breath


Do you sometimes wonder if your anxiety will last forever? Do you feel like you're constantly looking for a way out? Have you ever noticed changes in your body when you feel anxious? There is good news! You can now join our new support group for people living with anxiety - DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH. Anxiety [...]

Don’t Hold Your Breath2021-07-07T16:05:02+00:00

Staying True to Our Nature


During a fascinating podcast I heard a few weeks ago, the speaker mentioned that as humans, we have essentially “written ourselves out” of the definition of nature. In fact, he pointed out, nature is currently defined as being in opposition to humanity. Shocked, I insisted to myself that this could not possibly be true. So, [...]

Staying True to Our Nature2021-05-31T15:35:26+00:00

You Can Touch This


"I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile." - Charles de Lint There is no doubting the power of touch. I have long appreciated the value that touch brings to my experience of life. It is one of the most important senses, and a single touch can communicate volumes more [...]

You Can Touch This2021-05-24T18:28:24+00:00

A Meeting with Fear


Does fear seem to dominate your life? In these times of COVID, many of us struggle with constant fear as we are bombarded by fear-based messages from the news and social media. What if the solution is not to run away from fear, but to face it, head on? Please enjoy this simple guided mediation [...]

A Meeting with Fear2021-05-04T09:06:06+00:00

Show Your Ugly


"Embrace the glorious mess that you are." – Elizabeth Gilbert There is a well documented link between social media and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and low self-esteem. This link is particularly strong among adolescents. There are multiple reasons for this connection, but one cause recently came into my personal awareness and [...]

Show Your Ugly2021-05-04T09:00:15+00:00

What is Mindful Skincare?


What is mindful skincare? For me, it is creating a space where I give myself time to connect with my self, my skin and my senses and to give my skin some loving attention and nourishment. It is a daily ritual for me, like two bookends to the day. The morning routine helps invigorate and [...]

What is Mindful Skincare?2021-05-05T11:59:45+00:00
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