Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research


As a huge believer and personal witness to the power of psychedelics and the role they can play in healing mental health issues, I am thrilled that Johns Hopkins will be opening a new center for psychedelic research. It's about time! From the NY Times: Since childhood, Rachael Petersen had lived with an unexplainable sense [...]

Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research2019-09-11T13:21:51+00:00

All Soda is Linked to Early Death


Most people know that soda is not a nutritious beverage and can cause weight gain and other health problems. However, a recent study published in JAMA has now linked all types of soda (regular and diet) to early death. Researchers found that participants who drank two or more glasses of soft drinks per day had [...]

All Soda is Linked to Early Death2019-09-10T14:25:23+00:00

Meditation and Yoga Change Your Brain


Meditation and yoga have been practiced by humans for thousands of years. The physical and mental benefits of both are well documented and include the reduction of anxiety, depression and stress. A study published in the journal Brain Imaging and Behavior used MRIs to measure brain structures in participants who practiced meditation and yoga. They [...]

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The Anxiety-Busting Effects of Matcha


Matcha is a finely ground green powder that comes from green tea leaves. It has been used for more than 800 years in Japanese tea ceremonies and is also used to flavor many different foods including mochi and lattes. Matcha is packed with antioxidants and has been found to have many health benefits, including: Boosting [...]

The Anxiety-Busting Effects of Matcha2019-07-12T13:51:17+00:00

CBD and THC-A Oil Dispensaries Set to Open Across Virginia


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. It has gained a lot of popularity recently as it's been reported to be a safe, non-addictive substance that could potentially treat a wide range of illnesses, including pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, cancer, glaucoma, acne, epilepsy, MS, ALS, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, blood pressure, [...]

CBD and THC-A Oil Dispensaries Set to Open Across Virginia2019-04-29T14:02:14+00:00

Saffron Treats ADHD as Well as Ritalin


According to the CDC, 11% of all children in the U.S. aged 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD. In addition, 4.4% of U.S. adults are reported to have ADHD. One of the primary treatments for ADHD and ADD has been Ritalin (methylphenidate), which is a powerful stimulant that can cause many side effects, [...]

Saffron Treats ADHD as Well as Ritalin2019-04-27T14:08:54+00:00

How to Safely Quit Psychiatric Medications


Around 1 in 6 adults in the U.S. report taking a psychiatric medication according to data from 2013. That translates into roughly 40 million Americans who have taken at least one psychiatric medication. Those numbers are likely currently even higher given the increases in reported psychiatric disorders in the U.S. While psychiatric medications may be [...]

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Sleep Apnea and Depression are Kissing Cousins


The link between sleep apnea and depression has been well established for years. A study published in 2017 demonstrated a significant overlap between the two. Despite this connection, many patients with depression are never tested and the sleep apnea can go untreated for many years. I have witnessed a signficant reversal of depressive symptoms once [...]

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A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


A recent global study published in the Lancet found that bad diets are responsible for more deaths that smoking. They found that about 11 million deaths a year are linked to poor diets around the globe. The link between diet and physical and mental health cannot be overstated! We truly are what we eat, and [...]

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Dr. Andrew Weil: The New Science of Psychedelics for Mental Health


I am a believer in the use of psychedelics for both mental health, as well as physical and spiritual health. I am looking forward to being able to utilize psychedelics in my practice some day. MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is an amazing organization and published this great Podcast with Dr. Andrew Weil. This [...]

Dr. Andrew Weil: The New Science of Psychedelics for Mental Health2019-03-23T17:19:42+00:00
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