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Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of All


Food is medicine. Food is medicine. Food is medicine! Or another way of thinking about it - if you put good food/fuel into your body, you many times can avoid the need for medicine! When Tom Shicowich’s toe started feeling numb in 2010, he brushed it off as a temporary ache. At the time, he [...]

Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of All2019-03-03T19:49:21+00:00

Gut Bacteria Tied to Depression


For the first time, a population-based study has shown a link between gut bacteria and mental health, providing the strongest support to date that microbiota can influence mood, investigators note. "The notion that microbial metabolites can interact with our brain — and thus behavior and feelings — is intriguing, but gut microbiome-brain communication has mostly [...]

Gut Bacteria Tied to Depression2019-02-17T23:55:15+00:00

Antidepressants Work for Major Depression! Not so Fast


Behind the Elation, the Same Old Story A highly touted recent meta-analysis has been greeted with screams of elation: "Antidepressants work!" Even Medscape has shared in these shouts of joy. Why is the medical community and psychiatric profession so primed to convince itself, once and for all, that its favorite drugs work? Maybe because, deep down, [...]

Antidepressants Work for Major Depression! Not so Fast2019-02-15T21:35:05+00:00

You Are Perfect Now


"The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it." - Thich Nhat Hanh The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group Seminar that we started at Free Range Psychiatry several weeks ago has been so much fun and I am continually inspired by all of the amazing group members. [...]

You Are Perfect Now2019-01-28T01:46:00+00:00

Time Out of Mind: How Disrupted Sleep Hurts Brain Health


SLEEP!  I can't overstate the importance of quality sleep on every aspect of physical and mental health. I've found that improving sleep through holistic treatments can many times be even more effective than psychiatric medications, with literally ZERO side effects. The circadian clock evolved over millions of years to bring a modicum of predictability to [...]

Time Out of Mind: How Disrupted Sleep Hurts Brain Health2018-12-12T00:00:33+00:00

Lavender’s Antianxiety Effects Nothing to Sniff At


I use oral lavender frequently in my practice and have found it to be an extremely effective treatment for anxiety with the only side effect being lavender flavored burps! The scent of lavender has long been thought to have calming, antianxiety effects, but the biological mechanism behind this phenomenon has been something of a mystery [...]

Lavender’s Antianxiety Effects Nothing to Sniff At2018-11-12T00:03:14+00:00

Slow-Cooker Apple Pie Quinoa Recipe


Plant based diets have been linked to just about every health benefit imaginable, including improvement in mental health. I follow a mostly plant based diet and recommend it for many of my patients. There are tons of amazing recipes online, but this is one of my most favorite as it's super easy and quick to [...]

Slow-Cooker Apple Pie Quinoa Recipe2018-11-08T17:46:31+00:00

PUFAs for Anxiety: The Evidence to Date


I have had tremendous success using omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) to treat everything from anxiety to depression and psychosis. However, keep in mind that the quality absolutely matters, as does the specific constituents of the supplement. Treatment with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) may decrease symptoms of anxiety in patients with a range of conditions, [...]

PUFAs for Anxiety: The Evidence to Date2018-10-27T23:32:25+00:00

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group Seminar


“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” - Buddha What if a simple shift in perspective moment by moment – especially in those moments that are tough or frightening, or discouraging – could make all the difference? What if it could give your life back to you, in [...]

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Group Seminar2018-10-24T20:25:46+00:00
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