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“Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” – Joseph Campbell

PSYCHIATRIA: Touch & Connection with Sarah Klingenberg, LMT

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In the latest episode of Psychiatria, we tell a story of touch. I talk with a dear friend and massage therapist, Sarah Klingenberg, LMT at The Joyful Vitality about her journey with atopic dermatitis and into becoming a massage therapist. Her story has much to teach us about the connection between our skin and the outside world, the ways in which our bodies talk, and the importance of deep listening. It is beautiful on its [...]

Mindful Living Support Group

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Do you find yourself depressed and dwelling on the past, or always anxious about the uncertainty of the future? Do you want to let go and learn to exist in the present moment? What if you could bring non-judgmental awareness to every part of your human experience? There is good news! You can learn how to bring the power of mindfulness to your daily life by joining our new, virtual support group - MINDFUL LIVING. Mindfulness is a [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Chiropractic & Mental Health with Dr. Brittnie Frinkbeiner

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Chiropractic and mental health… this is a combination most people won’t tell you about. I found chiropractic in high school as a way to help achieve more physical balance in my body. The first couple of chiropractors I saw did help, but never as much as I wanted. I always found myself looking for more - Why did my chiropractors never talk about my muscles? Why is this stress headache treated the same as a [...]

Minimalism: A Transformative Mindset

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I’m a minimalist. I’m also a psychiatrist. As it turns out, these two traits happen to fit together like hand in glove. I did not set out to become a minimalist because of my profession, but I have learned through both personal experience and research studies that a minimalist lifestyle comes with a myriad of mental health benefits.  I set out to become a minimalist mainly out of curiosity, which I believe to be the [...]

PSYCHIATRIA – Polyvagal Theory with Jenna Mamorsky, LPC

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In today’s episode of Psychiatria, you get to hear me and Jenna Mamorsky dive into a topic I’ve been dying to explore more for a long, LONG, time: Polyvagal theory. Ever since I learned about the vagus nerve in anatomy class in high school, I’ve been intrigued. However, even through my bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience, I never learned more about this theory. If you google it, you find mostly either watered-down or hyper-scientific descriptions. [...]

5 Reasons the Sun Should be Your Bestie

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“my mother is pure radiance. she is the sun i can touch and kiss and hold without getting burnt.” ― Sanober Khan Every time I take my children to the pediatrician, I receive a lecture about the importance of keeping them out of the sun, lathering them head to toe in sunscreen and covering their bodies in clothing. However, this advice has never sat well with me. I grew up on a farm and have [...]


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