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How We’re Different

The outdated (and common) approach to treating mental health issues is to treat symptoms with medications. For example, if you are depressed, you will likely receive a prescription for an antidepressant medication. We believe that this approach misses the boat and have found that by performing an extensive medical and lifestyle evaluation, we frequently find that mental health symptoms are actually due to medical causes, psychological issues, medication side-effects, vitamin deficiencies, food sensitivities and other issues. By providing treatments for these underlying causes of mental health issues, we can many times avoid the need for using psychiatric medications.

We believe strongly that effective treatment for mental health issues goes above and beyond the use of medications. While we will utilize psychiatric medications when necessary, we have amazing success using a variety of other interventions to improve mental health, including treating any underlying medical issues; psychotherapy; vitamins and supplements; exercise and yoga; nutritional and diet changes; meditation and many other holistic treatments. Already taking psychiatric medications? That’s okay! We can prescribe medications for you, but we specialize in helping our patients reduce and many times completely stop taking medications.

The old model of mental healthcare is based on the idea that once you are diagnosed with a mental illness, you will need psychiatric treatment for the rest of your life. We believe that this approach leads to a life of chronic disability. Our approach is to actually determine the underlying reasons why you are experiencing symptoms, treat them effectively, and then equip you with the tools to never need to see a psychiatrist again. While this approach can be more expensive and time-consuming upfront, it saves time and money in the long-term. In addition, if you no longer need medications or other psychiatric treatments, you will be able to lead a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

As a non-profit organization, our goals are not primarily focused on the bottom line. This allows us to work outside of the for-profit healthcare system and provide many benefits for our patients and our community including scholarships for individuals who cannot pay full price, community education, training and seminars, and discounted group therapy options.

Can’t travel to see us? No problem! We offer online, video-based telepsychiatry services for all appointments and individuals residing anywhere in Virginia, New York or North Carolina.

In addition to visits at our office location in Luray, Virginia, we also offer house calls and can meet you in your home, at work, or at any other location in the state of Virginia. We are truly free-range and cage-free!

We’re Here for You

Our mission is to inspire hope and promote wellness through providing accessible and individualized mental health care to adolescents and adults.

We believe in holistic (mind and body) treatments with a focus on your overall health and well-being.

  • Provide hope and inspire happiness
  • Reduce the burden of mental illness by providing more effective treatments
  • Decrease the stigma associated with mental illness
  • Shift the focus away from illness and towards wellness
  • Increase accessibility to quality mental health care
  • Support and strengthen our community

Why “Free Range” Psychiatry?

We are proud to call ourselves “Free Range,” as we do not limit our services to office based visits only. Instead, we “roam freely” and provide care via online video sessions (telepsychiatry) as well as traveling to our clients for house calls.

In addition, because we are a non-profit organization not participating with health insurance plans, we are not restricted to the typical confinements that currently plague the healthcare system, such as:

  • over scheduling patient appointments leading to overworked, stressed out and unhappy doctors
  • health insurance companies dictating patient care
  • excessive documentation and billing requirements, which consumes the doctor’s available time
  • heavy reliance on medications due to time and financial constraints
  • requirements to release sensitive patient mental health information to health insurance companies

Our “Free Range” approach allows us to provide more face-to-face patient time and more comprehensive individualized care.

Lastly, we feel that the term “Free Range” reflects holistic, integrative, wellness-based types of treatments, which are core principles of our care at Free Range Psychiatry.

Dr. Campbell will see you now.

About Dr. Campbell

I am a psychiatrist who thinks “outside of the medical box” and “colors outside of the lines.” I have worked in a variety of clinical settings including inpatient, outpatient, emergency rooms, forensics/jails, consultative services, and house calls. I completed most of my medical training in New York City, including my psychiatric residency at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn and Public and Emergency Psychiatry fellowships at Columbia University in Manhattan. I worked for almost three years at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP/Psychiatric Emergency Room) as an attending psychiatrist and Assistant Director. I am board-certified, although I do not believe that is what necessarily makes me an effective psychiatrist. I worked for years inside the world of “academic psychiatry” and for the “health insurance based” system. Unfortunately, this work ultimately led me to a life of burnout, fatigue, and despair. I have extensive training in the psychopharmacological (medication-based) treatment of mental illnesses. However, after years of utilizing medication-focused treatments to help individuals with mental health issues, I ultimately came to the conclusion that this approach misses the boat. Prescribing medications to someone who is in a miserable job or to someone who has vitamin deficiencies and unhealthy psychological issues or behavioral/lifestyle patterns only leads to lifelong disability and more and more medications. By approaching mental health issues as symptoms of other underlying causes, I am able to effectively treat them without medications (or only minimal medications) and empower my patients to learn healthier ways to cope with their struggles in life.

A Different Kind of Doctor…

In addition to being a psychiatrist, I am a mother, a run-dancer, an amateur photographer, a blogger/writer (have written thousands of articles, including many for Medscape/WebMD), a life enthusiast, an entrepreneur, a free-spirit,  and a life/health coach. I utilize an approach to patient care that is functional, integrative/holistic, trauma-informed, individualized, creative, and in many ways non-traditional. My goal for the assessment and treatment of my patients is not to prescribe medications forever, but is rather to be a health partner/collaborator/guide to optimize overall medical, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I am currently living my dream and I believe that every human being deserves to live their dreams and fully realize their potential in life.

My own approach to life can be summed up by the wise words of Albert Einstein:

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

If you are interested in learning more about my approach or determining whether or not I am a good fit for your needs, I encourage you to book a free, 15-minute phone consultation with me!

Dr. Kendra Campbell, MD

“If I could help my patients to understand one thing, it would be that there is hope.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has completed 4 years of medical school and an additional 4 years of residency in psychiatry. Psychiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat all medical conditions but specialize in treating mental (psychiatric) disorders. They are able to order and interpret medical tests and prescribe medications. In addition, they are trained to provide all types of psychotherapy. Psychiatrists are different from psychologists, who usually have a masters or doctorate degree and primarily perform psychotherapy. Psychologists are not medical doctors, do not complete medical school and usually cannot prescribe medications.

We can evaluate and treat adolescents and adults, age 14 and older.

We specialize in treating psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, however we can treat a broad range of mental health issues including: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse problems and sexuality/identity concerns

The services we provide are specialized and unique. In order to provide you with the highest level of care, we do not participate with any health insurance plans. By removing health insurance companies from the equation, we can spend extra time with you and provide you with the highly individualized care you deserve. In addition, by not having to bill insurance companies, we are able to reduce our costs and pass these savings on to you. Lastly, we can maintain complete confidentiality as we are not mandated to share any of your health information with your insurance company. We are considered an “Out-of-Network” provider and hence your health insurance plan may cover a portion of your care. If you desire, we are happy to provide you with a “superbill,” which contains an itemized statement of services and receipt of your payment to us, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You may also use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for our services, however you should contact your fund administrator to learn more about this option. Additionally, you may be able to include our fees as a medical expense as part of your itemized deductions on your tax return. You can read more about why why don’t participate with health insurance plans here.

Yes, you can absolutely use your health insurance benefits to pay for our services, unless you have Medicare. You can read about how to do this here.

In additional to individual and group therapy, we also offer family and couples therapy. Our fees are the same as for our individual evaluations and follow up sessions.

We completely respect your confidentiality and privacy. We will never share any of your personal information with anyone, unless we have your explicit permission. The only exception to this policy would be in the case of emergencies, where your safety or the safety of others is in imminent danger.

Telepsychiatry is the same as regular psychiatric services, except instead of seeing us in person, the sessions are held via an online video chat service. You will still receive the same individualized, quality care and we can provide you with electronic prescriptions for medications, if necessary. The only difference, is that you don’t have to worry about traffic and you can have the sessions from the comfort of your home or office!

There is no special software required to access our confidential online video based services. All you need is a computer or smart phone with a webcam, microphone, speaker and an internet connection with at least 750kb/s download and upload speeds. 

We can meet you in your home, office, or any location you choose in the state of Virginia. In addition to the fee for the visit, we charge $100 per hour for related travel time. Once you let us know where you’d like to meet, we can provide you with an estimate of our travel time.

At your initial evaluation, we will ask you a lot of questions about your medical and psychiatric history, and why you are seeking an evaluation. Our goal is to get to know you as an individual and to find out what we can do to help. Prior to your initial appointment, we will send you information on completing our New Patient Intake Form, as well as other related forms to sign. It is important that you complete all paperwork prior to your first appointment, so that we can help you best. In addition, we ask that you bring (or email in advance) the following items to your first appointment: photo ID; insurance card(s); all medications, vitamins and supplements that you are currently taking (in their original bottles); payment for your visit; and any blood tests, imaging results, or notes from your primary care doctor or other providers. Usually, at the end of the initial evaluation we can provide you with your full assessment as well as any recommendations for treatment. However, for some complex cases, an additional follow up session may be necessary before we can provide recommendations.

Unfortunately, we no longer offer Suboxone at this time.